6 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Sports Bars

While digital signage is a significant investment, the marketing benefits can be substantial. Some advantages are immediately apparent; marketing messages can be changed frequently, and today’s shoppers pay more attention to video marketing. Below are several ways commercial displays can help sports bars and other establishments increase their digital marketing efforts.

Improved Recall

Commercial digital signage displays for Sports Bars have a customer recall rate of approximately 83%, according to a 2015 survey. Because these displays can be changed often, they can be used to offer multiple messages during a customer’s visit, and they can capture four times the views of a static display.

It Encourages Spending

Today’s digital projectors and marketing displays can increase purchase amounts by up to 30% because they encourage customers to make impulse purchases. Furthermore, a sports bar that uses digital signs can enjoy a significant increase in overall volume. With digital marketing, bar owners have the chance to let customers know about daily specials or new products.

Increased Retention

Not only do these signs improve customers’ ability to recall marketing messages, they can increase customer retention by 30% or more. Digital signs give owners the chance to interest and engage bar patrons, which can help them feel a connection to the establishment.

More Satisfaction

Businesses with digital signs report increased customer satisfaction rates. These messages can help bar patrons learn about new drinks, happy hour specials and other things that make them feel like they’re getting a good value for their money. These signs can give customers extra time to browse the menu before making a decision, and they can help undecided customers as well.

New Traffic Generation

Bars that use digital signs can generate increased repeat and first-time traffic. Improved message and brand awareness can lead to more word-of-mouth marketing, and almost 90% of business owners with digital signs believe they’ve brought in more customers.

Keeping Customers’ Attention

In the bar business, the longer a customer stays, the more he or she will spend. Using av system design and digital signs can increase visit lengths by up to 30% or more.

Shorter Perceived Wait Times

When digital displays provide a distraction, customers are less dissatisfied with waiting. If patrons are waiting for a seat at the bar, waiting for a food order or waiting to pay the tab, digital signs can be used to interest, educate and amuse. Even when wait times don’t decrease, customers perceive them to be up to one-third shorter when digital signs are used.

Improved Employee Productivity

Patrons aren’t the only ones affected by digital signs. When bars use them, employees become more engaged and productive. A digital display can help servers remember to promote drink and food specials, and it can motivate customers to ask for more information on the bar’s products.

Digital advertising isn’t as expensive as it used to be, and it’s within the reach of new and experienced bar owners alike. By considering the benefits listed here, owners can make informed decisions that benefit themselves, employees and patrons. Call or click today to find out more about digital signs.

6 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Sports Bars
6 Benefits of Commercial Digital Signage Displays for Sports Bars