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Bretford Furniture and Technology Solutions

The classroom is where it is at. Bretford offers student and instructor desks. Because they’re mobile, there’s no need to purchase multiple pieces. Desks easily move around the room providing endless adaptability you can count on. Bretford also has mobile multimedia carts, flat panel carts, credenzas, lecturns, work stations, tables and even store and charge carts for your iPads or tablets.

PowerSync Cart for iPad

The PowerSync Cart for iPad allows you to store, charge, sync, and transport up to 30 iPad devices at a time. Building on our award winning designs, the PowerSync Cart for iPad will allow you to bring an iPad learning lab – 30 devices – to any room in your building, and keep your content in sync with iTunes.

Optimized Charging Power – This new design features the industry’s first 30-device power system designed for iPad, providing full 2.1A DC charging power to all iPad devices. And when connected to your Mac, the PowerSync Cart for iPad automatically switches over to a USB 2.0 mode for simultaneous syncing. The PowerSync Cart for iPad works with Apple Configurator, allowing you to prepare and conform your devices according to your organization’s needs.

Charge Status and Numbering System – While charging, the Charge Status LEDs, located on top of the cart, indicate the charge status of each group of 10 iPad devices, numbered 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30. When all the iPads in a given group are charged, the corresponding LED will change from amber to green. The PowerSync Cart for iPad features a laser-cut numbering system, helping you keep your iPads organized in the cart. Each slot features an included 30-pin or Lightning to USB cable for charging and syncing.

Need room for more than 30 devices? Add a PowerSync Tray to the top of your PowerSync Cart for iPad, and provide charge and sync for up to 40 devices.

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Presentation Shuttle with Side Table

A key element in today’s classroom? Adaptability. This mobile presentation station allows anywhere in the room to be the focus of learning. Add one side table to increase work surface or add two and double it. The Presentation Shuttle tower provides an ideal platform to house classroom electronics and for students and instructors to lead interactive discussions. Perfect for a teacher/presenter computer, a document camera, and more!.

Mobile: Highly mobile and super powerful, the Presentation Shuttle provides the launch pad for instructors and students alike to explore learning.

Adaptable: Tower podium features an adjustable lectern top that angles up for use with a laptop, tablet, or other notes, and can be positioned flat for use with a document camera or data projector.

Secure: Large door provides easy access to equipment and features a cantilevered key/combination lock that allows you to provide a combination to an instructor or substitute instead of a key.

Guaranteed: Presentation Shuttle is backed by a 12-year warranty. Electrical components are backed by a 1-year warranty..

CarbonNeutral Certified Product