Da-Lite IDEA Interactive Products

Da-Lite IDEA Screen

The Interactive Dry Erase Application (IDEA) Screen is a revolutionary dual-purpose projection screen and writable marker board combination designed for interactive short throw projectors. It’s proprietary, superior projection quality surface that can also be written on with dry-erase markers…it is the ideal surface to use with interactive projectors because it is glare-free, durable, and makes your projected image look great!

The IDEA Screen is designed to be wall mounted and will integrate seamlessly into any classroom, training room or meeting space where both a projection screen and dry-erase surface are required. The proprietary Da-Lite projection surface allows the projector to produce superior image quality while still maintaining the formand functionality of a marker board. A convenient tray is included at the base of the assembly for storage of dry-erase markers, erasers and interactive tools that can be used with a projector. The IDEA Screen is available in projectable sizes between 36″ and 46″ tall and has an extruded aluminum frame with either a black anodized or clear anodized finish.

Da-Lite IDEA Interactive Cart

The IDEA Interactive Cart brings interactivity anywhere you need it. With its revolutionary screen, the mobile cart solution provides the highest quality image performance when projected upon, and also doubles as a standard whiteboard, offering an equally great writing experience with dry erase markers.

Additionally, the built-in interactivity provides a flexible, future-proof system that works with most ultra short throw projectors. Adding to the innovation, the rear projection set-up of the cart completely eliminates shadows when interacting with the image on the screen, creating the ultimate interactive experience. Plus, the projection surface offers a gain of 1.0 and a generous 60-degree viewing half angle.

Flexible image sizes to optimize your content

  • 80″ diagonal 4:3 format
  • 90″ diagonal 16:10 format

Height adjustable setup to optimize for the target users (adults v. children)

  • 7′ max height (standard for wall mounted whiteboards)
  • 6′ min height with 2′ height to bottom of board for ADA compliance