Present, Share & Collaborate

DisplayNote transforms presentations for presenters and participants. Use it to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android and mirror your screen to every participant’s device. Attendees can view and capture your slides on their device and collaborate with each other in real-time.

Wireless Presenting – Control your PC from an iPad or Android device and share any content, annotation, picture, live image and background with any connected participant.

Stay in control – One tap and you can check which participants are currently active. Tap again to send private messages, view someone’s screen, pause a session or turn on collaboration.

Check for understanding – the inbuilt voting app to quickly and discretely measure levels of understanding, gather instant feedback and check the pulse of the room.

Real-time Collaboration

With DisplayNote you can tap into everyone’s ideas. Choose one or more participants to collaborate and allow them to share each other’s annotations and ideas, in real-time, alongside your presentation. It only takes a few clicks to get everyone involved and contributing to your presentation on their device. Perfect for today’s classroom and meeting space, real-time collaboration has never been easier.

Capture every moment

Capture and save every moment with the one button slide capture. Slides and lessons can be saved on the device or exported to the likes of Dropbox.

Lecture Capture

Everything a student does in DisplayNote can be saved on their device. That means when a lecture or lesson is over they have the your slides, their notes and any group annotations all in one place.

Personalized learning

Personalize learning by adding your notes to the presenter’s slides. Continue to make notes on any slide, safe in the knowledge you can re-join the presenter in one click.

Involve everyone

No matter what the presentation, participants can contribute by drawing on their screen or choosing an image and instantly sharing that with everyone in the room.