FrontRow Juno Back to School Promotion

Love Juno? Get a free Mic!

Hundreds of educators have fallen in love with the easy, portable, great-sounding classroom sound system called Juno. We’re pretty sure you will too. That’s why when you buy any Juno package now through September 30 and share the love on Twitter or Facebook, FrontRow will send you a free student mic for each system you bought. Contact your local LightWerks office for pricing and details!

Front Row Juno…

Portable Audio and Voice Amplification Plus Lesson Capture and Sharing!

Your voice is Juno’s command: capture and distribute content more easily than ever. Juno is the world’s most advanced classroom communication tool, combining the convenience of portable audio products with the sound quality of installed systems – and far exceeding the capabilities of any ordinary sound device with a sophisticated voice-activated lesson capture and sharing feature.

A teacher’s voice is a powerful educational tool – now more than ever. The Juno digital sound system listens as attentively as students do, so teachers can control important functions simply by talking to it. Want more volume? Just say so!

Because FrontRow Juno automates lesson capture and sharing, it’s shockingly easy to ‘flip’ your classrooms and allow for student-paced learning – without adding more work to a teacher’s day. With a simple voice command, Juno automatically builds a video (often called a “screencast”) of whatever shows on the teachers interactive whiteboard or computer – math solutions, animations, movies, web or document camera, and more. It’s even automatically titled with the right period and subject. When uploaded to your school or class website, Juno makes it easy for kids who missed class to catch up immediately and for students who want a refresher to view the lesson again. And, the FrontRow Desktop Software is now also available for Mac users!


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