Getting Creative with the SMART Interactive Drafting Table

If you’re a firm believer in ‘form follows function’, then you’re going to love seeing how the simple drafting table has evolved in scope, design and purpose over the years.  In today’s modern iteration of drafting tables, architects, contractors and designers now have the capability to mark-up plans electronically, save and email them.

On the receiving end, however is where the magic really happens. Clients are often wowed by the experience of seeing output from interactive drafting tables. They can take a virtual “walk” through the design and see exactly how all of the building’s parts will be laid out.

We’re excited about how architects, draftsmen, and others can use the Interactive Drafting Table. The SMART 8055i e-LED LCD flat panel display can accommodate any collaboration environment and includes a premium interactive experience. Combined with the Bald Tech PowerStand, these stunning visuals offer the richest experience to create, share and interact with digital content.

The SMART Interactive Drafting Table combines the Bald Tech PowerStand with the SMART 8055i Interactive Display and Meeting Pro software to create a fully adjustable touch screen surface. The Bald Tech PowerStand allows you to adjust the SMART display to a table top position, allowing for small group collaboration from a seated position. Or, adjust the PowerStand to a tilted position for individual work or a vertical position for presentations and large group communication. Work with AutoCAD, create and save annotations into plans and documents, save and email whiteboarding notes, and more!

It’s really a new way to collaborate on both the architect’s end and the client’s side, as well.

Look to LightWerks Communication Systems technology tools to create new ways to work and learn. Click to download a PDF brochure of the SMART Interactive Drafting Table. To learn more about getting the table for your business, call LightWerks Communication Systems at 888-454-4489 or visit LightWerks for more information on installing this solution in your business.