HoverCam Pilot X Digital Teaching Station

The Hover cam Pilot product is the world’s first fully integrated wireless digital podium. The Pilot is built around the concept of unchaining teachers from stationary desks or lecterns, so they can move freely around the classroom while still commanding every part of the technology around them.

The Pilot’s wireless transceiver instantly beams the podium’s screen and touch annotations to the IFPs, as well as any projector or TV in the room, in high definition with up to 4K image clarity. And because everything is wireless, it eliminates the hazard of dangling cords and cables as students continue to work. What’s more, the document camera can capture audio from the lesson using a built-in microphone, which enable teachers to easily execute flipped classroom models.


  • 4K interactive casting features two-way bi-directional multitouch for collaborative annotation (no WiFi necessary).
  • Powerful 13.3 inch, Windows multitouch display with ClassFusion software
  • Secure tablet bay
  • 13MP document camera
  • Magnetic tablet dock
  • Ergonomic and mobile
  • No more turning your back to your class
  • No more messy cords and cables


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