Interactive Drafting Table

Fully Adjustable PowerStand and Interactive Display

Why use a paper and pencil drafting table, when you can have a fully interactive, computer-operable Interactive Drafting Table?!

Annotate over plans, AutoCAD drawings, spreadsheets, documents, and images…anything in your computer! The Interactive Drafting Table combines the PowerStand with the SMART 8055i Interactive Display and Meeting Pro software to create a fully adjustable touch screen surface. The PowerStand allows you to adjust the SMART Display to a table top position, allowing for small group collaboration from a seated position. Or, adjust the PowerStand to a tilted position for individual work or a vertical position for presentations and large group communication. Work with AutoCAD, create and save annotations into plans and documents, save and email whiteboarding notes, and more!

Now architects, contractor and designers have the capability to mark-up plans electronically, save and email them…it’s a whole new experience for the client. They can now take a virtual “walk” through the design and see exactly how all of the building’s parts will be laid out. This is the only product like it on the market, and it provides a new way to collaborate for all involved!

The PowerStand simplifies the manipulation of the touch screen. Using the included touch controller, users easily position the monitor from high to low, from vertical to horizontal and anywhere in between. The PS65VLT uses high quality, wheels equipped with brakes therefore portability and usability is safe and smooth.

Interactive Drafting Table Components

PowerStand PS65VLT

SMART 8055i Interactive Display

The SMART 8055i is an e-LED LCD flat panel display to accommodate any collaboration environment and include a premium interactive experience. Their stunning visuals offer the richest experience to create, share and interact with digital content. It pairs perfectly with the PowerStand to create an interactive drafting table.