LightWerks Communication Systems Upgrades College Classrooms with Smart Lecterns

Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, CA is enjoying a technology upgrade in its classrooms, as a result of working together with LightWerks Communication Systems.  The college had been searching for a way for faculty to get access of classroom technology devices (e.g. projector, document camera, etc.) without breaking students’ eye contact or interrupting the flow of the presentation. Previously, faculty had to move to a wall unit and press buttons for the technology control.

After searching for the right audio-visual solutions, the school chose to work with LightWerks Communication Systems to provide its classroom with TecPodium Presenters. The TecPodium Presenter is a technology enhanced smart lectern with a classroom computer in its base. It allows teachers and faculty to operate, annotate and present seamlessly with an interactive pen display, to manage onscreen classroom materials. LightWerks partnered with the school to sell and install TecPodium Presenters to Mount St. Mary’s College over the past few years.

The school’s Director of Media Services remarked to AV Network about the upgrade.

“After numerous surveys, interviews and discussions with faculty as to how technology could best serve their pedagogical needs in the classroom, we arrived at the conclusion that the TecPodium Presenter Lectern would meet the entire qualities faculty required,” Eric Kieselhorst said. “Due to its sleek design, ease-of-use interface and the most practical ADA-compliant height-adjustable lift in the industry, the Presenter has done wonders for faculty in the classroom.”

Today, these smart lectern units form a part in the school’s AV system. Mount St. Mary’s College instructors use a control dashboard GUI via a software control platform to manage all the operations. Faculty can power on the classroom displays, route the sources, control volumes for microphones and programs, while recording the class for later video stream if needed.

LightWerks has even capitalized on the success of the partnership, upping the initial 60 units to more than 70 units, according to Henry Barnston of LightWerks. He told AV Network that St. Mary’s was very satisfied with the product and the teachers’ involvement with the lecterns.

To upgrade your classroom facilities with digital solutions for teachers and students alike, contact LightWerks Communication Systems for all your audio-visual solutions needs.