Transform Your Space With NEC Digital Signage & NEC Video Walls

Today’s corporate and educational environments demand technology solutions that are cost effective, reliable and able to keep up with rapidly changing learning environments.

NEC offers a full suite of innovative digital signage and video wall solutions that are ideal for various environments: college campuses, retail stores, meeting rooms, lobbies, auditoriums, hotels, and airports. NEC Display solutions can transform spaces with comprehensive and indispensable technology.

NEC Digital Signage & NEC Video Wall Solutions

NEC Digital Signage

Whether your customers’ digital signage needs are big or small, many or few, 24/7, or just a couple of hours, NEC’s vast selection of displays are sure to fit the job. NEC’s LCDs are available from entry-grade to professional-grade and tout the latest in display technology.

Deliver maximum impact to your customers’ messaging on a single screen or up to 100 displays tiled together in a jaw-dropping video wall. Look to NEC for captivating LCD screens for your business and digital signage applications.

NEC Video walls

NEC’s portfolio of high-quality commercial and professional grade digital video wall solutions are ideal for dynamic digital signage and informational video wall applications. NEC’s exclusive TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technologies, combined with LED backlighting, high definition resolution, and the ultra-narrow bezels, allow for simple installation and bright, astonishing video walls.

  • TileMatrix: Go big! Expand a high-definition image across your entire video wall with no external hardware or software!
  • Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design: Create a near-seamless video wall by minimizing your image gap with one of NEC’s ultra-narrow bezel units, where the width can be as low as 5.5mm!
  • Integrated Heat Sensors and Cooling Fans: NEC’s built-in technologies allow you to check heat diagnostics at three unique locations within each display.
  • NEC Display Wall Calibrator Software: Calibrate your video wall using NEC’s software to uniformly balance the white point and intensity of all displays in a single video wall.

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