NEC Display Technologies Bring 4K to Life in Innovative Volvo Trucks Customer Center

volvo customer center video wall

Volvo Trucks is the manufacturer of an extensive line of commercial tractor trailer vehicles. They recently opened the Volvo Trucks Customer Center, intended to showcase Volvo products and innovations in a dynamic way to engage visitors – including technologies that amplify the wow factor.

The challenge:

Integrate multiple types of 4K digital display technologies into a custom-built facility to showcase Volvo Trucks products to current and prospective customers and dealers.

The goal:

Create a space and show presentations and high-definition videos to prospective customers, dealers, employees and other visitors.

The solution:

36 55-inch UN551S displays in a 6×6 video wall configuration; 3 98-inch X981UHD-2 displays; 6 65-inch X651UHD-2 displays; 4 84-inch X841UHD displays; 2 NP-PH1202HL1 12,000 lumen 4K laser projectors; 2 NP-9LS12ZM 1.28-1.83 lenses.

The result:

The Volvo Trucks Customer Center, a 36,000-square-foot-facility that includes a product showroom, two exhibit rooms, two pilot review rooms, and a 290-seat theater-in-the-round at the center of the building – all equipped with 4K display technologies

volvo customer center

Read the full success story HERE

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