Platinum Care Support Services

    • Purchase bundles of support hours that you can use for any combination of:
      • Remote and/or on-site TLC support;
      • Remote or onsite meeting support;
      • Preventive maintenance visits and system tune-ups;
      • Programming tweaks for control systems or other programmable system elements;
      • Remote or onsite training; and
      • "Small” system installation.
    • Hours may also be converted to a prescribed dollar value for purchasing hardware, supplies, or accessories.
    • Hours don't expire until:
      • Three years after substantial completion on a covered project or
      • Three years after purchase date, if purchased separately or renewed
    • Pricing available for onsite bundles of 25 hours and above.
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    • Up to two hours of onsite support time
    • One Technician
    • Price good within 40 miles of servicing office.  Longer distances will require an additional travel charge.
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* For a full list of terms and conditions go to “Terms and Conditions”.

Platinum Care is designed to provide you with the peace-of-mind that your mission-critical systems will be operating when you need them MOST.

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