LightWerks Partners with Tribe to Enable Virtual Hearings

The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon includes over 30 tribes and bands from western Oregon, northern California, and southwest Washington.  The community needed a solution to preserving the administration of justice during the pandemic. In response to this need, LightWerks partnered with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde to install a turnkey audio-visual system with video conferencing and recording capabilities into their courtroom.  The system enables users to connect to remote participants and sites with clear audio and video during depositions and hearings.  The new technology is crucial for the tribes, as it offers court services to vulnerable populations.

The installation included 2 ceiling mounted Sony SRG300H/PAC4 cameras, allowing for connectivity to remote participants via Zoom, Teams, etc. One camera is located in front of the room, facing the audience and attorneys, and the other camera is in the back of the room facing the bench and court clerk’s area. One camera is connected to the Court Administrator’s PC for recording and video conferencing, and the other is an I.P. camera that the AV tech can login to remotely for remote viewing and streaming. All the sources are routed through a matrix switcher, allowing any source to be sent to any display in the system. All the audio and video can be recorded and stored locally on an Extron streaming media processor storage device via network storage or USB.


LightWerks integrated three monitors in the system for viewing content. A SONY 86” commercial grade 4K monitor is mounted on the back wall for the Judge to view.  The additional two SONY 75” 4K commercial displays are be mounted on the walls on the left and right, facing the audience on a swing arm. There is also an HDMI input at the Judge’s bench for a future monitor if needed. The technology allow for not only the presentation of content, but also the ability to connect to specialists who can add value to hearings and depositions.

To support quality intelligibility, LightWerks integrated 6 SHURE MXCW640 wireless microphones with built in loudspeakers and user controls for mute/unmute. These were placed at the attorney tables, witness stands, judge’s bench, and court administrator’s desk. The charging station resides at the clerk’s desk.


Superior audio is supported by the installation of 6 Crestron ceiling mounted speakers that were installed throughout the courtroom. Additionally, LightWerks installed 3 speakers over the Judges bench. The audio is processed through a BIAMP Tesira ServerIO, allowing for VOIP and soft codec calling from the room microphones.

The entire AV system is controlled with a 10” wireless Crestron black touch panel that resides on the Clerk’s desk for control of the inputs, microphones, cameras, and volume. All of the equipment is routed to the existing IT closet and put in the existing AV rack.

Through the integration of quality, purposeful, and easy to use audio visual solutions, LightWerks was able to help The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde keep their court systems operational.  The modernization serves to add value to the efficiency, facilitation, and resolution of legal.

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