Reasons To Hire A Dedicated Audiovisual Integration Team


Using a conference center, or a hotel’s in-house AV team & equipment for a meeting planner seems like the way to go, right? Well, did you know that working with an outside audiovisual integration company, planners can save a large amount of money without sacrificing their service? Below I’ve listed the best reasons to hire outsiders for Conference Room Audiovisual Integration.

It’s Readily Available

In-house AV suppliers aren’t a company’s only option. Some venues make a commission when booking AV services through contracted providers, and that’s why they recommend them. However, venues cannot prevent customers from bringing in their own Audiovideo Integration providers. Regardless of which option a planner chooses, it’s wise to get a few quotes as a way of driving down in-house expenses. The immediate availability is great for facility managers and building managers alike; The option to have a dedicated team at the tip of your fingers will make or break certain presentations.

The Best of The Best Technology and Equipment

Outside audiovisual providers (such as LightWerks) consistently keep up with the latest hardware, technology, and equipment. We often phase out worn-out or old products. A contracted, in-house AV staff usually incorporates used or old equipment. When choosing an external provider, planners are more likely to acquire top-notch conference room audio and video equipment. Even if the event or situation doesn’t require the newest laptops and projectors, outside providers such as LightWerks, have various options to meet clients’ needs and budgets. You’re in luck, IT departments. Top-notch equipment means lower processing times, and quicker, higher resolution image captures.

A Dedicated Team Delivers Dedicated AV Integration

An in-house AV integration team is typically responsible for each event that happens within that venue. By choosing an outside AV Integration team, an event planner receives the benefit of dedicated support for the entire event. If there’s more than one event at the location, hiring the same AV Integration team will make sure that the customer continues to receive the great dedicated support they deserve.

Audiovisual Integration Experience For Nationwide Events

While it’s true that an in-house Conference Room Video provider may be able to offer support for events that occur in more than one location, the most effective way to ensure consistent, reliable service is to hire an outside company that specializes in nationwide conference room audio and video integration. Full-service providers offer the same service in every location, and they offer dedicated support to ensure consistency across multiple events.

Easy management of additions and changes

Last-minute additions, subtractions, and changes are sometimes necessary regardless of how well your event is planned. While a venue’s audiovisual team may have equipment ready to go, the specific pieces of hardware a customer needs may not be present. Odds are those pieces are in use somewhere else. An outside audiovisual integration team is usually comprised of a widespread distribution network. This makes things much easier for them to handle at last minute times. Requests from customers also go well over with an outside AV team.

More Service and Equipment Options

Outside audiovisual integration companies have numerous options for AV services and equipment. This allows customers to choose different price points, which makes it easier to keep the event’s budget in line. Additionally, with nationwide equipment rental capabilities, customers are more likely to get just what they need for their next event.

No More Surprise Fees After an Event

If a customer books an event with an outside audiovisual provider, they’ll never have to worry about additional fees after an event. Sometimes, in-house AV teams will charge for things such as extra tech support, and they won’t tell the client until after the event takes place. The best outside providers will always ask for the customer’s permission before making extra charges.

Consistent Pricing, Regardless of Location

In-house AV services, equipment, and costs may vary depending on where an event is held. For a company that’s planning conferences in multiple places, it’s possible to save money by hiring an outside AV provider. With the right AV company, customers get onsite consistency, a single point of contact, and flat fees in each venue where meetings are held.

While there are other reasons to hire an outside AV integration company, these are some of the most important factors. If you’re looking to book LightWerks for your next AV Integration job, you can contact us here.