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Gallery Items Not Loading in Notebook Software

Have you pulled an interactive activity onto your SMART Notebook page and noticed that it would no longer load up? Do you get something that looks like the image below, rather than the interactive activity you were looking for?

Many users have been experiencing this issue after the most recent update to Adobe Flash Player 11.9X. Because of this update, many of the interactive activities within the SMART Notebook Gallery will not load properly. But don’t worry…this is an easy issue to fix!

Please follow the steps below to remedy this issue:

1.  Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller here.
2.  Close all applications that run Adobe Flash Player, including the internet and SMART Notebook software.
3.  Run the uninstaller and follow the on-screen instructions.

4.  Restart your computer.

5.  Download and run Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 11.8.800.168 here.

6.  Download and run Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11.8.800.168 here.

7.  Restart your computer.

8.  Start SMART Notebook software.

Your interactive Gallery items should now load properly! For additional information, visit SMART’s website here.

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