System Maintenance & Support

    • Pre-paid, discounted bundles of hours start at $1,450.
    • Purchase bundles of support hours that you can use for any combination of:
    • Remote and/or on-site TLC support;
    • Remote or onsite meeting support;
    • Preventive maintenance visits and system tune-ups;
    • Programming tweaks for control systems or other programmable system elements;
    • Remote or onsite training; and
    • "Small” system installation.
    • Hours may also be converted to a prescribed dollar value for purchasing hardware, supplies, or accessories.
    • OR
    • Want something you don’t already see on the list? JUST ASK US!
    • **Pricing per hour declines as more hours are purchased.
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    $40 per month
    • Starting at $40/month per room plus a $250 one-time set-up fee
    • An always-on, cloud-based management platform
    • System installation, turn-up, and hosting/maintenance
    • Automated notifications of system issues
    • AV system monitoring by your own support personnel
    • May be combined with "Buckets of Hours" to cover remote or onsite incident resolution by LightWerks personnel
    • Want something unique/special? No problem!
    • Combine elements of other options to create a solution perfect for your needs.
    • Simply tell us what you need and we’ll work up a Custom solution just for you.

* On-site services only available within a reasonable distance from the nearest LightWerks office.  Other terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

* For a full list of terms and conditions go to “Terms and Conditions”.