Eliminate the need for a board and projector by integrating Walltalkers and an interactive projector. With new licensing agreements from SMART, it is now possible to use SMART Notebook software with other interactive whiteboard and interactive projector manufacturers, such as Epson. By covering the wall with Walltalkers, the wall becomes an interactive surface.

Nu.vu.rite is a multipurpose presentation wallcovering that combines the features of a high-quality projection screen with the advantages of a large, virtually seamless writing surface. Engineered with patented “bi-directional” lenticular embossed vinyl, nu.vu.rite provides superior projection and wide-angle viewing with virtually no image falloff. Dry erase film enables the use of dry erase markers. Specify this product when the surface is going to be used as a projection screen 95% of the time and a writing surface less than 5% of the time. Works flawlessly with the SMART or EPSON interactive projectors!

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