Why do we see Digital Signage everywhere?


For better or for worse, digital signage is turning up EVERYWHERE. Lobbies, hospitals, stores, restaurants, theaters, airports…you really can’t go anywhere without seeing digital signage showing up on nearly every wall.

Why is that? Well, first, it’s because traditional, printed signage can quite literally be found everywhere, too, serving the myriad way-finding, informational, and other needs they always have. We’re simply witnessing the conversion of analog to digital technology, as we have in so many other ways over the last couple decades.

But beyond being “new”, what makes digital signage BETTER? To sum it up in two words, it’s that digital signage is “dynamic” and “immediate.” At literally the speed of light, your signage can alert visitors, students, customers, employees and others to the latest up-to-the-second information. Way-finding, safety alerts, promotional offerings, event information, company news, performance dashboards, and local and world-wide events…all of these applications are enabled by converting static signage to digital.
And with advanced analytic capabilities, your signage can collect information to help you continually improve the effectiveness of your messages.

LightWerks can guide you as you include digital signage in your overall communication plan to ensure that you get the biggest impact and the highest return on your investment. Through our partnerships with BrightSignIndustry WeaponSpinetix and others, LightWerks can bring the most experienced minds, and best practices, to bear on your project. No digital signage application is too big or too small. From single-location to campus, to local, to regional, to national roll-outs, LightWerks can play a key roll in making your project a success. Reach out to one of our offices or complete the simple form below, and we’ll be happy to show you how.

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