Avigilon Security Systems

Take Building Security from Reactive to Proactive

Let’s face it. The world seems to be full of uncertainty these days. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected every day of the week, and that brings anxiety and risk.

As institutions that host students, customers, employees, patients, and guests, it is incumbent to manage the uncertainty – the risk – as much as possible. One area where we can help is with building security system. And this is where newly available technology – from leading companies like Avigilon and others – can greatly improve our capabilities. One of the most interesting things about this new technology is that it can be less expensive and does a better job. This technology automates certain processes and augments the capabilities of the security professionals we trust to keep us all safe. That combination makes investing in new solutions a wise decision.

With “intelligent” building security systems, created by combining easy-to-use software, high-resolution, digital cameras, and advanced analytics, you can take your security posture from reactive to proactive. This means you can now stop an unwanted incident while it happens, rather than trying to figure out what happened AFTER the fact.

Currently available intelligent security systems cannot yet be described as “artificial intelligence” but they’re getting close. And LightWerks, in partnership with Avigilon, can help you harness their power to bring your building security posture up to the highest possible standard – helping you deal with the uncertainty, the risk, and the anxiety that comes with living in the world today, and providing peace of mind to parents, teachers, facility managers, and others deeply concerned with providing the safest possible environments for children and adults in their care.

Reach out to one of our offices, or complete the simple form below, and we’ll be happy to help you improve the building security of your institution today and for years to come.