Religious Institutions

Clear sound and visuals are crucial in today’s worship services and religious education. LightWerks specializes in working with churches to develop audio visual solutions that support the clear and powerful delivery of messages to religious communities. Audio visual for religious institutions includes music, video screens, projection, and lighting effects. In addition, live streamingand recording technologies have become powerful tools to connect and engage with satellite campus locations and remote attendees. At LightWerks, we understand the importance of creating engaging experiences for congregations of all faiths Our expertise in providing technology solutions for live event service productions contributes positively to how people experience worship. We have helped hundreds of congregations execute and advance their celebrations with live sound and video, special software designed for weekly services and events, and the network center that provides the backbone for both.  LightWerks can also install hearing impaired systems for churches, synagogues, and temples with members who need to require assistive services.  Through our partnerships with key industry leaders, we are able to deliver dynamic, reliable technology to a variety of environments.

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LightWerks partnered with Treasure Valley Baptist church in Meridian, Idaho to upgrade the technology in their worship center.  The project included the integration of projection, microphones, speakers, cameras, and internet streaming capabilities, allowing the church to stream services to their members around the world via YouTube Live.

To provide members with a detailed view of services, LightWerks integrated image magnification technology (IMAG).   IMAG refers to large-scale theatrical or concert video projection that enables audience members seated at great distance from the stage to see details of the performer’s body language and facial expressions that could not be seen with the unaided eye.