Incident Command Center


Hospitals continue to confront a wide variety of operational and fiscal challenges on a daily basis. To manage emergencies, hospitals invest time and valuable resources to ensure adequate emergency plans are in place and personnel are sufficiently trained to respond.  Incident Command Centers provide medical personnel with technology used for problem solving, troubleshooting, and developing solutions for health system related incidents.  The technology often allows for the simultaneous presentation of various content, giving end-users the ability interact and collaborate dynamically. 


Typical AV Elements for Incident Command Center:

■ Multiple 75” Flat Panel Displays or projection systems mounted in a lift
■ Video processor
■ In-ceiling and/or in-wall speakers
■ Pan-Tilt-Zoom video conferencing camera
■ Ceiling microphone(s)
■ Wireless microphones
■ Audio DSP (“digital signal-processing”) for optimal sound
■ Custom-programmed control system with touch-panel
graphical user interface
■ All mounting hardware
■ Appropriate cabled- and wireless- source connections
■ Equipment rack (if needed)
■ Cloud-conference subscription
■ Professional Installation
■ LightWerks TLC Maintenance


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