Technology Companies

Technology companies rely on state-of-the-art audio visual technology to engage in efficient, productive, and meaningful collaboration. For over 25 years,  LightWerks has been a key partner for the industry’s most prestigious technology firms.  LightWerks has empowered technology organizations to grow and thrive through the integration of video conferencing and display technologies that align with their fast-paced, rapidly growing, and constantly evolving environments.  Through our partnerships with key industry leaders, we are able to deliver dynamic, reliable video conferencing and collaboration capabilities, digital signage, and personal communication equipment securely to a variety of spaces. We can categorize the meeting spaces in the technology arena by a variety of room types. Below you’ll find a description of the most common room types, what they include, what they cost, and what is needed by LightWerks to professionally install appropriate collaboration technology at your location(s).

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Break Room

The employee break room is not just for eating lunch and refilling coffee. It is where employees can engage in more casual, non-work related conversations, and it is a key driver in improving corporate culture, morale, and productivity. LightWerks specializes in designing and integrating technology into these democratic spaces where everyone from the CEO to the receptionist can meet on equal ground as they collaborate, socialize, get face time, or even hold an impromptu a meeting. These areas often include flat panels for displaying digital signage or news content, wireless presentation capabilities, speakers, and touch panels for easy AV system control.


Huddle rooms are defined as small conference areas that are equipped with audio, video and display system technology. These rooms are often used by groups who want to get together for impromptu, or previously scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects. These spaces are becoming more prevalent and important, as newer offices are often built with more open floor-plans. While these designs may have fewer private offices, they will typically have numerous huddle rooms or huddle spaces to allow people to collaborate in a private and quiet environment. Our definition also includes the hardware and software to allow users to conduct cloud-based audio and video-conferencing meetings across a corporate office, or across the country.

Board Rooms

A Boardroom is typically used by senior management, or may be used as a primary space for meeting with and closing business with major clients. It is usually a one-of-a-kind type space within an institution. Because of the importance of the business conducted in this space, a Boardroom will typically have higher grade equipment than other conference rooms, including larger
and higher resolution flat panel displays or projection systems, superior audio and video-conferencing equipment, power screens, power lifts to hide or reveal equipment, more sophisticated digital routing capability, and a more  sophisticated, graphically impressive control system.