Entertainment Industry

The use of audio visual technology has revolutionized the entertainment and digital media industry.  For over 25 years,  LightWerks has been a key partner for the industry’s most prestigious entertainment and media firms.  From top studios, to elite talent agencies and gaming organizations, LightWerks provides the most innovate, state-of-the-art AV solutions that add value to the creative endeavors and collaborative capacities of our digital media clients . Through our partnerships with key industry leaders, we are able to deliver dynamic, reliable video conferencing and collaboration capabilities, demonstration and screening room technology, digital signage,  and personal communication equipment to a variety of environments.  We can categorize the meeting spaces in the digital media arena by a variety of room types.  Below you’ll find a description of the most common room-types, what they include, what they cost, and what is needed by LightWerks to professionally install appropriate collaboration technology at your location(s).


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First impressions really count, so many entertainment ad media firms make a special effort to have a welcoming, and often impressive, reception area. These spaces usually include at least one large flat panel and a digital signage player to welcome guests and share company promotional information. Many will also include speakers to provide audio to go along with their video content, and some will also include interactive capabilities to allow visitors to interact with the information shown on the flat panel display(s). As this room is typically in use all day and most displays can be programmed internally to turn on and off at specific times each day, reception areas do not usually require any sort of dedicated control system.


A conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business meetings and conferences. It can be found in almost any kind of establishment – businesses, schools, hospitals, and government institutions. A medium-sized conference room typically seats 6 to 12 people and is most often used for scheduled meetings. These spaces usually include a flat panel display, audio and video-conferencing capability, a variety of connections for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones, and some type of centralized control capability to turn equipment on and off and switch between sources.

Screening Room/Theater/ Demonstration Room

Screening rooms have become essential for studios, networks, and gaming industries to effectively preview/present content. These immersive, cutting- edge environments involve audio and visual capabilities that support clients and media professionals as they view material for the purpose of editing, reviewing, or celebrating a finished product.  LightWerks has a keen understanding and deep appreciation for how video projection and display technology in the theater environment effectively bring a production to life.  We specialize in stunning and meticulous theater installations involving the integration of multi-functional systems featuring screens, (usually a high-definition laser projector or a video wall),  intelligently wired sound systems, and wireless capabilities. Theaters will often include custom-programmed control systems for better control of equipment. Additional components include lighting, drapes, and shades.