AV Services


LightWerks’ Integrated Service Portfolio

Let’s be honest.  You can buy most of the components almost anywhere.  But the reason you want to work with a top-quality Audio Visual System Integrator like LightWerks, is for the services we provide that make it all come together.  Discussed further down the page in more detail, these services provide you the following benefits:

  • You will receive a quality system that will work as expected.  A proper system is far more than the sum of all of its parts. It takes careful design, combined with extensive real-world installation experience, to create a system that is engineered to work as needed and expected.
  • Your system will be easy to use.  A thoughtfully designed system will put a tremendous emphasis on the user interface as well as the serviceability of the equipment.  A well-crafted and flawlessly programmed user interface, combined with critical end-user and technical training, will make the difference between you getting tremendous value out of your system or just wondering why you spent so much money on a confusing contraption.

Design and Engineering

The LightWerks Engineering Department is comprised of top industry design personnel, many having 20-30 years experience in the audio video field. We design and install a variety of audio visual systems in conference rooms, executive board rooms, training centers, classrooms, auditoriums and hospitality spaces.

Expert ONSITE System Installation

Installation and Integration

Our AV services Installation & Integration Division consists of experienced AV system engineers and programmers, project managers, audio engineers, video conferencing specialists and a large fleet of factory trained full time installers. Dedicated teams interface throughout every project with architects, consultants, facilities managers, IT staff and corporate management.


Project Management

Audio visual is usually the last step in a new build or renovation. A/V contractors have a particular challenge because while installing audio/video equipment, along with controls and automation, the project manager needs to account for delays in every other trade and still deliver on – or ahead of – schedule. Effective project management requires a concerted effort among the end user, integrator and other trades to take proactive steps to satisfy the client’s expectations while anticipating the schedules of various other trades on a job.



Documentation is critical to being able to maintain your AV system going forward. LightWerks will document our designs BEFORE we execute them and will provide you “as-builts” after we’re done.  We can also provide manufacturer’s user guides in printed and/or electronic format.  We can also provide custom quick start guides and system manuals to help your users get the most out of your system.  Tell us what you want, and we can make it happen.


Service and Maintenance

Choosing to invest in AV services for your organization is an important decision. Proper servicing and regular maintenance for your system is essential to keep everything running as it should. A manufacturer’s warranty can provide some peace of mind, but often doesn’t cover any on-site system troubleshooting, dismounting of malfunctioning equipment, re-installation of equipment after repair, or routine equipment maintenance to make sure your system doesn’t fail in the first place. Let LightWerks worry about your AV system maintenance for you, making it easy for you to continue business as usual. Our certified service team will have you covered with preventative maintenance and emergencies, increasing the lifespan of your AV equipment and eliminating unnecessary down-time.


Programming Services

You want your AV system to be “Smart” – to automate the complication out of your usage – right?  That’s where custom programming comes in and that’s one of the areas where LightWerks’ AV services really excel.  We offer custom programming in all of the following important areas:

  • User Interface Programming – Our AV services team designs beautiful, custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that run on AMX, Crestron, Extron control systems on their proprietary touch panels, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, or touch-sensitive monitors.  These intuitive control systems will allow you to automate everything you need (for example, when you press one button, you can run an entire program that will lower a screen, lower a projector lift, turn on a projector, switch to a preferred input, dim the lights, and close the blinds), and make the system as user-friendly and super easy-to-use.
  • Digital Media Programming – Beyond the GUI, your programmer needs to be skilled and experienced in actually controlling the “brains” of your system.  This includes switchers, scalers, signal processors, and other components from the AMX Enova, Crestron DigitalMedia, Extron XTP or similar product lines based on the HDBaseT networking protocol.  This is not a trivial challenge and projects can be doomed from the start if the Programmer (and Installation Technicians) are not up to the task.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Programming – Whenever you do audio-conferencing, video-conferencing, or work in a room with very “live” acoustics (for example, rooms with one or more glass walls), you’re going to want to include an audio system from Biamp, QSC, or other similar vendors.  These systems can be “tuned” to compensate for complicated room conditions to give you the very best possible sound, but they must be programmed by someone who is both a competent programmer on these systems and someone who also understands audio.  For this you need someone who is trained on, understands, and experienced with programming DSP systems.
  • Digital Signage Programming – When you are planning to deploy digital signage – whether it’s for one screen in one location or for many screens across a “campus” – you want to ensure that the provider is going to be able to program the system AND teach your users how to easily and securely add and play content.

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