Hybrid Classroom AV Solutions


The pandemic has changed teaching and learning…forever.  Teachers all over the country are now teaching in “hybrid / concurrent classrooms,”  in which some students attend class in person and others attend virtually. With a concurrent teaching model in place at many schools, teachers must manage groups of students across different spaces simultaneously, while still delivering instruction that will meet each learner’s diverse needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a need for (hybrid) video-ready rooms, as livestreamed remote instruction is expected to remain a significant part of K-12 education.  Schools should be reviewing their technology needs to ensure they have the right tools to support hybrid and remote learning now… and in the future. For a case study on hybrid classrooms at a university, click HERE!

LightWerks can help educators succeed in providing an equitable education for students in-person and online. Our team has already partnered with numerous educational institutions to help navigate the challenging task of adapting infrastructure and teaching methodologies to align with the rapidly growing demands of teaching virtual students simultaneously with students in the classroom.

We can design a hybrid classroom for you from scratch, with all the needed equipment. Or we can help you retrofit your classrooms, and use the equipment you already have installed. Below the two options described in detail.



Some classrooms already have the basics like displays and projectors, but need a retrofit for hybrid learning.  Below are our 3 most popular types of hybrid retrofit kits, along with their specific attributes and estimated costs.

* Prices are estimates per classroom.  Actual prices may vary.


These classrooms represent a complete classroom solution that supports in-person and hybrid learning. Below are our 3 most popular types of classrooms, along with their specific attributes and estimated costs.

Hybrid Classroom solution – Platinum Hybrid Classroom solution – Gold Hybrid Classroom solution – Silver
Interactive projector or interactive display (Epson BrightLink or BenQ)
Interactive projector or interactive display (Epson BrightLink or BenQ)
Interactive projector or interactive display (Epson BrightLink or BenQ)
2 flat panel displays
2 flat panel displays
PTZ Cameras
Ceiling Visualizer
PTZ Cameras
Nureva Sound bar
PTZ Cameras front and back
Nureva Sound bar
Touch screen for annotation
Ceiling speakers
Touch screen for annotation
Document Camera
Docking station
Touch screen for annotation
Docking station
AV System Control
Hybrid Classrooms AV Solutions

LightWerks understands the importance of meeting the needs of students and educators through the creation of spaces that are both technologically advanced and easy to operate. We are experts in accommodating different types of learners through the design of top-notch classroom AV solutions that promote differentiated instruction. For over 20 years, LightWerks has partnered with classroom teachers in improving learning outcomes through the meaningful integration of audio visual solutions. In addition to the design, sale, and installation of classroom AV technology, we offer consulting as well as ongoing training and professional development to ensure that educators feel confident in the integration and implementation of new classroom AV solutions in their curriculum and instruction.


Typical Classroom AV Solution Elements for different types of classrooms:

  • Interactive projector systems with large, electric drop-down screen or video-wall front-of-room display
  • Interactive flat panel displays
  • SMART Board solutions
  • Wireless mirroring solutions
  • Flat panel displays
  • Document cameras
  • Ceiling visualizers
  • Student response systems
  • Lecturn(s) with interactive touch-panel

We specialize in designing and integrating technology solutions that support hybrid learning in all types of education spaces.  Additionally, we can provide your faculty with the support and training they need to utilize their tools to effectively navigate and manage hybrid/concurrent instruction. Please contact us below for more info!

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