AV Control System Programming


At LightWerks, we’re control freaks! That’s because we know that software is where things get really interesting. There are two elements of AV Control System Programming offered by LightWerks for your meeting room, board room or conference room control system which are unique, but also intertwined:

The Control Program: The code that makes up the actual AV control system program is where the heavy lifting gets done in your system. This code is what makes your various system components respond to your user’s wishes, and when it is well written, it will perform flawlessly every time, all the time. The reverse is also true, as buggy, poorly written code will cause your system to perform unreliably and lead to endless end-user frustration.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI): The GUI is what your users actually see and use to control their audiovisual systems. A well-designed GUI includes

features and functionality that can make the most complex systems intuitive and easy to use. An elegant GUI also incorporates visual elements consistent with the aesthetic and branding already in use throughout your organization. LightWerks programmers  work closely with your team to provide an optimal interface, customized for your specific needs and desires.

The Customer Owns the Code
There is an important distinction to note between the programming provided by LightWerks and the programming provided by some other audiovisual integrators. Specifically, at LightWerks, we believe that you own the code of your audio visual control system. When you work with us, in addition to providing you with the executable files that run your systems, we will also provide you with the source code. This means that you can take this code and have it modified by someone internal to your organization or even by another integrator.
Other integrators may not provide you with this code, essentially holding you hostage so you cannot work with another integrator. We believe so strongly in this that if you have a system designed by another integrator who will not give you access to their source code, we will be happy to quote you a very discounted rate to replicate.


Other Programming Services
The need for programming in today’s AV systems has gone far beyond just control systems. Today’s sophisticated systems require a variety of programming that can only be done by trained, experienced programmers. Systems with video- and/or audio-conferencing will require digital signal processor (DSP) programming, Zoom rooms require sophisticated configuration and set-up to perform optimally, and remotely monitored systems require special configuration and response that can only be provided by experts on those systems.

Always Choose Experience and Expertise
Whether you work with LightWerks or not, it is critical to choose a programming provider with the knowledge and experience of all the necessary systems (e.g. AMX, Crestron, Extron, and others) to deliver clean, elegant code. With LightWerks’ vast experience and our excellent software engineers, you can rest assured that your software is going to be a delight for you and your colleagues to use.

Contact us at LightWerks today for more information on what we can do for your organization!