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  • Francis Parker School

    We have had great success with the updated conference room. The administrators and teachers have used the custom system that LightWerks has designed for us. Our previous system had so many flaws that our users would struggle to show a simple presentation. Now everyone can control all the equipment using a touch panel. It is nice to work with a company that understands our needs. The design of the room is elegant. LightWerks made sure that all the equipment would blend into the room. Our faculty and staff did not notice any physical change to the room. The install process was seamless, from scheduling the project to the actual install date. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us!

    Hue Lam
    Hue Lam Technology Coordinator
  • Alliance MIT

    I went looking around for other companies for this project and LightWerks not only gave me what I asked for but also gave me other solutions to my project. They have been reliable and have a great staff. Not to mention prices weren't bad. Ask as many questions as possible. They are really flexible and have the answers or solutions to problems. It has been really nice to be able to communicate and ask questions about the work being done. I have loved the customer service they have provided for the school. The whole staff is incredible. I loved that Robert, who is a V.P. of the company, comes out and gets to know you on a personal level. Cesar and David are awesome when it comes to putting the whole project together and offering solutions to problems they run into immediately. Cody was a really nice guy and offered to come and help when needed and said he was always a phone call away. Nicole is such a loving person. She did a really great job in delivering her training. Made it easy to use the projector and showed how to use it efficiently. Use LightWerks.

    Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez IT
  • WiSpry, Inc.

    Working with lightwerks was fun and uncomplicated. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Alonzo, my contact, listened and was receptive to our company's needs and wants. Our company felt confident in the choice we made to purchase the Epson BrightLink. Their installation guys were friendly and vacuumed the carpet before they left! I have never seen that before!! Amazing! After installation, we received training on the new system from a fun and energetic member of the LightWerks team. Overall, our experience with the company was a pleasant one. We chose LightWerks at the suggestion of Epson. LightWerks was the local dealer in our area. Purchasing a new projector for your home or office doesn't have to be a complicated process. Bring your questions and concerns to the LightWerks staff and they will help you make the best selection for your space. They offer the lowest prices - hands-down. I know because i compared their pricing to other vendors.

    Marianne Chavoya
    Marianne Chavoya Administrative Assistant
  • Anaheim Educators Association

    Thanks Robert! The guys did a great job with the install. It looks really nice and they left the place really clean. You’d never know there had been work done. They took a few minutes to walk us through the basics and answered the questions we had. Great team! Kudos to them!! Thank you for the great customer service! Debbie

    Debbie Knapp
    Debbie Knapp
  • Meridian Medical Arts Charter High School

    I found LightWerks to be professional and easy to work with. They were very responsive to our needs and our time-frame for working on our video conference system. In fact, they were one of only a few that would even respond to our inquiry about video systems. Check around for other vendors but don't be worried about LightWerks - they'll do a great job.

    Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Principal - Charter School Admin
  • HUB International Insurance Services Inc.

    I have had the distinct pleasure of working with LightWerks for the last 20+ years on more than a dozen projects. My experience with LightWerks spans 3 employers ranging in size from 40 to 10,000 employees. The most recent involvement being June of 2018, when we moved into a new space and required 3 conference rooms with different capabilities. The LightWerks team is always available, capable, knowledgeable, competent. As with any large IT job involving many trades, stuff happens, but it’s never an issue with the folks at Lightwerks. Their service does not end when the job is complete. No problem too big or too small for their utmost attention. I recommend LightWerks without reservation.

    Glen Ables
    Glen Ables CIC/ Vice President
  • Stewart, Romberger & Associates, Architects

    By consulting with us in the planning stages, LightWerks has allowed us to offer our clients the audio-visual design services they have come to expect from us. Their installation team has completed all of our projects on time and within the customer’s budget.

    Berenice Figueroa
    Berenice Figueroa Project Manager
  • The Buckley School

    This training went fantastically! I think the teachers are chomping at the bit to get more information about SMART 17, and SMART Tools in general, so having Nicole back for her 1.5 hr training would be EXTREMELY beneficial. This MyContent folder access and using gamification through Smart Lab could be a game changer for teaching in the lower school in general so if I need to research or troubleshoot a way to get that working I will definitely lend my expertise in that. I’m ready for another amazing training day today and looking forward to getting these teachers confident in using SMART. Let’s do this!

    Ian Williamson
    Ian Williamson IT Support Technician
  • UCLA Lab School

    Nicole brought a professionalism that educators understand: To teach and bring the 21st century to the classroom. Having the technology and the teacher come together is vital for the student to succeed. Nicole's approach: How curriculum and technology can work together. Nicole is clear, precise and fun. She led my faculty on a number of demonstrations of how Epson BrightLinks, Document Cameras, and the Easy Interactive software can work together and how the student can participate, save their work, and add the changes to a project. LightWerks, Nicole, and the faculty are leading the charge for a 21st century student!

    Stephen G. Sherman
    Stephen G. Sherman Programmer Analyst
  • Los Angeles Holiness Church

    I just wanted to drop a line this morning to let you know a number of our staff came last night for some routine meetings. They got to check out the projectors and the TV installed while I played a movie off of Netflix for them. It was unanimous... everyone loved the end product and loved how it turned out!! Thanks for all of your hard work getting us the quality equipment, and to the guys who came out yesterday to install. They did a fantastic job as everyone was impressed with how neatly everything was completed. We'll get some more opinions when the full congregation shows up on Sunday morning to this great surprise, but we're thinking all will love it!

    Dave Suh
    Dave Suh
  • Northwestern Mutual Los Angeles

    We have a deep business relationship with LightWerks that spans over nearly two decades. As a corporate customer with specialized needs, they always seek to understand what those needs are and go above and beyond to find custom-tailored solutions to solve them. We recently worked with them on a major construction project that required AV/Media solutions - LightWerks was front-and-center in this project and had the best implementation team on our job site. The result was extremely satisfying, both in performance and in cost-effectiveness. We are made to feel like a valued customer. The new technology is awesome and giving our new space a premier experience! Northwestern Mutual highly recommends LightWerks to any organization. Do all the price comparison you need to do, but in the end you should choose LightWerks. We hope you will have as positive of an experience as we did!

    Chau Le
    Chau Le COO
  • The Buckley School

    I want you to know that Nicole’s training sessions with our Lower School faculty were a success. They want her back! Although teachers have resources like YouTube, and a Lynda.com school account, it just doesn’t compare with having an in-person trainer like Nicole. Nicole allows teachers to tap into her brain and customizes the training sessions to cater to each teacher and group. This is the big value that Nicole brings along with her wonderful demeanor. We are going to bring her back in the next month or so, once the teachers are settled in. Nicole – Again, thank you so much!

    Jose Tagle
    Jose Tagle Director of Technology
  • Downey Unified School District

    I was incredibly pleased with the installation. I have purchased a great deal of equipment for the library from a wide variety of companies, and your team at LightWerks is the best I’ve ever dealt with. The guys did such a great job on the install and answered all of my many questions. I can’t tell you how impressed our staff is with the new system and install; my library schedule is filling up fast with teachers who are anxious to use the new system. I am extremely happy with everything and will certainly continue to recommend you to our staff.

    Sara Nielsen
    Sara Nielsen
  • St. James Episcopal School

    I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job Nicole Gordon-Recht did in explaining the Smartboard and supporting our curriculum. Her background as an educator and her technical expertise really benefitted us. Thank you so much...

    Jonathan Dar
    Jonathan Dar 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Pandora

    The guys did a great job. Very professional and the cable dressing under the table is top notch. I apologize for the confusion if there was any regarding having to pull the Cat6 cable through the conduit to the TV from the floor. I don’t remember if I ever made it clear that it needed to be pulled to the table from the TV. Either way, they were understanding and made quick work to pull the cable and finish the job.

    David Behrens
    David Behrens IT Support
  • Rumble Audio/Visual Consulting, Inc.

    I work with your team practically every week, and I’m consistently blown away by the breadth of knowledge and dedication they put into every project. Thank you for developing a stellar staff. I look forward to working together on many more projects for years to come.

    Dave Lopez
    Dave Lopez President, Rumble Audio/Visual Consulting, Inc.
  • Blue Cross of Idaho

    LightWerks installations are thorough, cable management is nicely done. Support is always excellent.

    Christian Shafer
    Christian Shafer IT Service Desk
  • My company's culture requires very complex A/V installations. In my role as a systems engineer, I've had to deal with many integrators. LightWerks was the first to really listen and understand what we were trying to accomplish. Jessica and her team just "get" us and seem to be energized, not deterred, by the complexity we ask for in our projects. LightWerks was also the first firm we worked with that did not leave us with "buyer's remorse" after a project.

    Rhett L.
    Rhett L. Global Athletics company
  • 'The field service technician was great and explained everything thoroughly.'

    Anand Riyat
    Anand Riyat Commscope
  • Whenever LightWerks Cisco Bastias comes to the Ventura County Fire Department, he is professional and he knows everything about the systems.  It makes me look good with management and the work is always top notch! I recommend you to all the agency’s.

    Oscar Lomeli
    Oscar Lomeli Ventura County Fire Department