Control and Observation Rooms


A major component of any medical simulation center is the ability to monitor, record, and remotely control the simulation scenario from a control room with space for monitors, keyboards, and microphones Typically there is one control room for every one or two simulation rooms that is located adjacent to the simulation space. They are often behind one-way observation mirrors for the instructors to observe without influencing or increasing participant stress during the scenarios. Instructors can also operate simulators and the video equipment from the control room to modify the simulation in progress and provide a voice for the patient through the manikin. The most important function of the control room is the ability to record both the audio and video from the simulated scenario at the same time. Discreet camera and microphone systems integrated in the simulation architecture allows for multi-channel recordings of all interactions between learners and live standardized patients or automated patient simulators. Once the scenario is complete, the instructor can replay the scenario during debrief to create a valuable learning opportunity for the participants as they see themselves perform. 


Typical AV Elements for Control and Observation Rooms:

■ 55” Flat Panel Display
■ Sound-bar
■ Wide-Angle Video-Conferencing Camera
■ Microphone
■ System interface/Dialing device
■ Recording system
■ All mounting hardware
■ Appropriate cabling and/or wireless system for source connection
■ Touch control panel
■ Cloud-conference subscription
■ Professional Installation
■ LightWerks PlatinumCare Maintenance


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