Communication Technology Audit

LightWerks Communication Technology Audit

Navigating the Analog Sunset & Transitioning to Digital

The analog sunset is a global switch-over to a digital broadcast signal infrastructure. Because of this change, manufacturers of Digital Video Sources, like computers, LCD and plasma displays, projectors, blu-ray players, digital media players, video conferencing codecs, are no longer making equipment with analog connectivity. AV systems of the past have used VGA and RCA, component, coaxial, or s-video cables to transmit audio and visual content. This will now be replaced with HD (HDMI or DisplayPort) cable connectivity.

Are your conference rooms and meeting rooms ready for the shift from analog to digital?

Let LightWerks check to see that your Digital Video Sources are HDMI-ready and HDCP-compliant with a FREE Communications Technology Audit…it will only take us 10 minutes of your time! During the 10 minute technology audit, we can make sure your computers and displays are speaking the same language. Can you display the content you need to on the devices you have? Can your visitors connect and make presentations when they walk in with an iPad or Android tablet?

In a free Communications Technology Audit at your organization, LightWerks can check the following to see if you are prepared for the Analog Sunset:

Widescreen Transitions

Computers are now all being produced in widescreen format…no more square shaped data to view. Are your screens and projectors in widescreen format? We can check for you and make recommendations if they aren’t, so you get the best visuals for your presentations, videos, and collaboration sessions.

AV System and Room Control

You can have an amazing audiovisual set-up in your conference rooms and meeting rooms, but if nobody knows how to turn them on and control them, they won’t get used. LightWerks can evaluate your current AV and room control system, and can recommend some ways to make controlling your systems foolproof. Mounted/programmed control, remote control management, room scheduling, and environmental control are crucial to a conference or meeting room system that everyone can use, every time.

Collaboration Tools and Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Are you collaborating and meeting with employees or customers that are not at your physical work site? LightWerks can show you some of the latest cloud-based video-conferencing solutions to connect locations, allowing you to have audio, video, and desktop sharing conferences. Bridge the gap between distances, and save money and time on travel expenses. LightWerks can evaluate your readiness for a flawless cloud-based video conferencing system. We can see if you have the necessary bandwidth, the appropriate cameras and microphones, and the security to keep your critical information safe.

Already have a hardware-based Video Teleconferencing System (like Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, or even Tandberg)? Did you know that cloud-based solutions can now allow you to connect multiple parties to your system, even if they don’t have an in-room system? Let us show you how!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today’s work place needs to accommodate the ever-growing number of devices that everyone is bringing to use for communication, presentations, meetings and more. Do you need to show information, presentations, spreadsheets, or videos from iPads, iPhones, Androids, laptops, and tablets? Can your conference rooms and meeting rooms support the use of these devices so that people can show the information they need on your displays? LightWerks can evaluate your current system and show you solutions to make flawless transitions from any device someone brings.

4K Readiness

Looking into Ultra-HD 4K displays? Let us make recommendations for how to future-proof your existing AV solution and make sure you are ready for the transition to 4K.

Office Noise Management

Due to space and financial considerations, most workplaces have moved to an open office arrangement. This is a great way to fit more people in a smaller space, but can cause privacy and noise issues. We can assess noise levels in your office and suggest sound masking, zoned audio, or sound dampening solutions that will increase privacy and productivity in your office environment.

Digital Signage

Direct people to where they need to go, advertise key messages, entertain customers in your lobby, or enhance training/HR spaces with digital signage. We can analyze your needs and suggest the best digital signage solution for your organization.

Audio and Wireless Devices

Audio quality is a crucial component to everything you do in your conference rooms and meeting rooms. The quality of speakers and microphones can make or break presentations, audio calls, and video conferencing sessions. LightWerks will test the sound quality for you, assessing how you can best optimize the audio in your meeting spaces. We can check that DSP needs are met for your employees or customers with disabilities, look into sound dampening and wall coverings if you have carry-over noise, and can make recommendations.

Using wireless microphones? We can review your current wireless microphones to check for cross-talk, or provide solutions for wireless audio if you don’t have any in place.