Keep your people safe without invading privacy.

Safe is a real-time occupancy system designed by Density to measure the use of your buildings and preserve employee and customer privacy.

Protect Privacy

Unlike cameras, Density‘s accuracy does not come from tracking the personally identifiable information (PII) of its occupants. It is anonymous by design.

Scale Easily

Safe can handle multiple points of entry, group and bi-directional movement, unlimited nested spaces, buildings within regions, and sprawling, multi-national portfolios of any space type.

Ensure Safety

Limit capacity and trigger SMS and native notifications or visual warnings when Safe limits are exceeded.


Ask us about Density and how it can help keeping your people safe.

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Safe by Density: Keep your people safe without invading privacy.


Safe Display

Empower employees and customers to make safer decisions about their day with real-time capacity displays. Options are native mobile, web, SMS, and on-site digital signage.


Safe Alerts

Alert staff when occupancy reaches unsafe levels. Give your employees and customers the ability to subscribe to Safe Alerts.


Safe Analytics

Monitor your portfolio’s compliance with social distancing policies using Safe Analytics.

How it Works

Our state-of-the-art depth data, computer vision, and deep learning make Density software possible.

100% Anonymous

Deploy Density without infringing on privacy or distracting employees — at no point does Density software capture personally identifiable information.

Real-Time Data & Alerts

Density software analyzes data in real time, enabling teams to send alerts and notifications. With Density’s mobile app, users can get alerted when their favorite spaces quiet down.

Touchless access control