For the organization that doesn’t want to compromise ease and good hygiene for security, meet Openpath. Openpath is intelligent, touchless access control that automates your security infrastructure, so you can spend more of your time on managing your business instead of protecting it.

Integrate Openpath with Microsoft 365, Active Directory, G Suite, Slack, and numerous other services. Easily secure a single space or multiple buildings. And monitor it remotely from a single pane of glass.  Combine Openpath with automatic doors and other contactless system elements, and your users won’t have to touch a thing to authenticate their identity and enter your facilities.

LightWerks partners with innovative companies—like Openpath—to give you access to the best security and AV solutions in the industry.  Contact us so you can learn how to take your security infrastructure from hands-on to touchless, by switching to next-gen access control…with Openpath.

Touchless access control

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Touchless Access Control

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A next-generation, touch-free access control solution


Modern hardware

Openpath’s easy-to-install hardware connects all of your entry points seamlessly, while adding a layer of sophistication to your security.


Cloud-based software

Every action and update is instantly communicated systemwide through our cloud-based platform.


Encrypted credentials

Whether you choose mobile, cards, or fobs, all access methods are secured with end-to-end AES encryption.


Open API

Openpath’s open API lets you connect the applications you use everyday to your access control system.


Access control for the built world