How to Work with LightWerks Support

We’d like to introduce you to our Helpdesk portal and ticketing system – located at  On this site you can submit and track service incidents that may arise in the future, complete with time-stamped submission and response times.

To submit a ticket:

  • The first time you visit the site, either click the link that says, “Continue as Guest”, or click the “Login” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Next, click the “Register” link. Enter a username and password to set yourself up as a user on our site. Please note that becoming a user will speed up future ticket submissions, so we recommend registering if you anticipate submitting additional support requests. However, if you prefer to proceed as a Guest, that is also fine.

  • Once you gain access to the page with the “Ticketing” functionality on it, you can create a new ticket by clicking the button called “+ New Ticket”.  In the form that opens, choose the “Ticket Form” that best describes you.  Usually the best form is for the office nearest to you, unless we’ve set up a custom form for your institution (see below).

  • Enter the requested information.

  • Choose “Submit Ticket”.

  • You will then receive an email with your ticket number which you can reference to find updates to your ticket on our Helpdesk page.  As the same time, our Support team will be notified of your request. If you experiencing trouble submitting your ticket, please try ‘clear you cache’ on your computer and try again.

If you believe you will use the portal extensively, we can also customize a Ticket Form specific to your organization’s needs, and we can also create a specific group of users for your organization, so each and every member of your team will be able to see and track the status of any incident/ticket submitted. This will help give all users a simple view of your tickets, complete with time-stamped tracking of all communication between our organizations, 24 hours per day.

Of course, we can also provide help if you prefer to call our main support line at (888) 454-4489 – but we believe we can provide you the best overall support experience through our ticketing system.

Benefits can include:

  • EXPEDITED RESPONSE:  By having a valid Support Agreement in place, your support request will be handled before requests from customers who do not.  You may also save yourself some time with your organization because you won’t need someone to authorize an expenditure, put down a credit card, or generate a purchase order.

  • QUALIFIED ON-SITE SUPPORT:  Our certified, friendly Support Technicians can provide on-site service if, when, and where you need it.

  • REMOTE SYSTEM MONITORING AND NOTIFICATION:  We can arrange remote monitoring by LightWerks Support personnel, your own team, or both.  Learn of system issues within minutes, usually before your end-user discovers it so you can go from RE-active to PRO-active system support.

  • REMOTE ISSUE TROUBLE-SHOOTING, RESOLUTION, AND ESCALATION: Once alerted to a problem, we can route the incident to the best LightWerks Technicians who can trouble-shoot and resolve your problem remotely, allowing us to provide faster, lower-cost support. And when we can’t resolve a problem, we will be ready to roll a truck.

  • QUARTERLY SYSTEM STATUS REPORTING:  Our reporting engine can provide numerous reports – upon request or on a scheduled basis – including outages, personnel reaction times, and more.

If you have any other Support-related questions please feel free to contact Teresa Barreto, our Managed Services Supervisor. She can assist you with using our portal and any other support questions you may have. You can reach Teresa at:

Teresa Barreto
Managed Services Supervisor
(888) 454-4489
[email protected]

Interested in learning more?  Simply request more information on the form below and we’ll be in touch to explain what your options are.