Logitech is a world leader in products that connect people in a natural, intuitive way to the digital experiences they care about. We develop our products with a powerful blend of artistic design, surprising science, and innovation driven by consumer insight.

Under a number of different brands, the company offers PC peripherals; cases and keyboards for tablets; equipment for gamers; mobile speakers and earphones for music and sports enthusiasts; devices to make video collaboration simple in the workplace; and entertainment and control products for the home.


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Logitech’s Sight is a tabletop companion camera with intelligent multi-participant framing that provides the best front-and-center view of the room, from anywhere. Sight is a tabletop companion camera that works in tandem with Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to provide a front-and-center view of meeting participants around the table. With seamless integration with all major video conferencing platforms, Sight enhances your hybrid meeting experience by capturing audio and video deeper into the room, making remote attendees feel more included and engaged.

Whether you’re hosting a large-scale conference or a small team meeting, Sight ensures that every participant can contribute and be heard with equal clarity. With Sight, you can take your hybrid meetings to the next level and create a more engaging and effective meeting experience for all attendees.


Logitech video collaboration solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom empower people and teams to work together from anywhere. Simple to use and deploy at scale, Logitech’s complete ecosystem of Teams and Zoom-certified hardware, software, and services make the hybrid workplace work for everyone.

Logitech Rally Bar is Logitech’s premier, all-in-one video bar for midsize meeting rooms. With brilliant optics, room-filling audio, and AI-driven performance, Rally Bar sets a new standard for video collaboration. Logitech’s conference cameras and video bars help create a more equitable team workspace. They include high-quality video and audio that makes it feel like your whole team is in the room, even when half of them work from home. Their trusted video collaboration solutions are compatible with popular platforms like Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams®, and Zoom™.


Easier Meetings

With one-touch join, easy content sharing, and center of room control, Teams and Zoom Room solutions with Logitech Tap make video meetings easy and convenient.


Certified Solutions

Logitech works diligently with these partners and others to create deeper integrations and product certifications that help improve collaboration experiences for our customers.


Resources and Support

Broadcast-quality video and room-filling audio, preconfigured for easy deployment and expandable for multiple rooms.

The era of remote working is here.  As your workforce spends more time working at home or on-the-go, they need tools to stay as collaborative and productive as when they are  at the office. Plus, as every worker and workspace differs, they require solutions tailored to their needs.

Remote work solutions feature innovative tools that are wireless, effortless to connect, and instantly familiar to use. From powerful desktop collections that recreate the office experience at home, to lightweight, durable collections that extend the capabilities of laptop and tablet users on the move.