21st Century Security Concerns Demand
21st Century Security Solutions

Let’s face it. The world seems to be full of uncertainty these days. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected every day of the week, and that brings anxiety and risk. As institutions host students, customers, employees, patients, and guests, it is incumbent to manage the uncertainty – the risk – as much as possible.

An effective security posture calls for multiple layers of protection, and LightWerks has assembled a portfolio of best-in-class physical security solutions that deal effectively and efficiently with threats we all face every day.

Multiple Layers of Protection

TOUCHLESS Access Control

Welcome to sophisticated access control. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system, or starting from scratch, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building in a snap.

With cloud solutions from Openpath, your employees and visitors can access their approved facilities with total convenience using something they have, something they know, or something they are:

  • Something They Have
    • Smartphone (using apps from the App Store or Google Play)
    • Smartwatch
    • Tablet
    • Key Fob
  • Something They Know – PIN Codes Entered into Keypads
  • Something They Are (Biometrics) – Fingerprint Readers

Seamless, Secure Visitor Management

Visitors should NOT be able to wander around your facility without a badge, without a host, or without a signed non-disclosure agreement.  Envoy can solve all three of these issues, elegantly and inexpensively:

  • Self-Service Badging:  Using a familiar tablet experience, visitors can enter their personal information into the system, and a connected Brother printer can immediately print an attractive badge with the visitor’s name, their host’s name, and with other identifying information.
  • Hosting:  The visitor’s host will be automatically notified of their arrival and they can come down to welcome their guests and host them during their time in the facility.
  • NDA Management:  Envoy offers an NDA management solution that requires a visitor to agree to the institution’s non-disclosure agreement related to anything they might see or learn while on the premises.  Signatures are captured, agreements are emailed to the visitor, and agreements are stored for easy future reference.

And all of this can be integrated with the Openpath Access Control system with a little custom programming by LightWerks’ expert programmers.

Proactive Property Surveillance

With “intelligent” surveillance systems, created by combining easy-to-use software, high-resolution digital cameras, and advanced analytics, you can take your security posture from reactive to proactive. This means you can now stop an unwanted incident before or while it happens, rather than just trying to figure out what happened AFTER the fact.

Current intelligent surveillance systems cannot yet be described as using “artificial intelligence” but they’re getting close. And LightWerks, in partnership with Avigilon, can help you harness their power to bring your building security posture up to the highest possible standard – helping you deal with the uncertainty, the risk, and the anxiety that comes with living in the world today, and providing peace of mind to parents, teachers, facility managers, and others deeply concerned with providing the safest possible environments for children and adults in their care.


Reach out to one of our offices, or complete the simple form below, and we’ll be happy to help you improve the security posture of your institution today and for years to come.