Integrated Audio Visual solutions for corporate headquarters

LightWerks partnered with Kinder’s Meats, Deli, and BBQ to design and integrate audio visual solutions throughout their brand new, Walnut Creek, California corporate headquarters. The project, which included Microsoft Teams rooms utilizing Crestron’s unified communications solutions, involved a demo room, break room, boardroom, lobby area, several small conference rooms, and individual offices. LightWerks worked closely with Kinder’s to ensure that their vision aligned with the possibilities of today’s AV technology.  Additionally, LightWerks formed a collaborative partnership with an elite global architectural firm, Interior Architects, to engage in a process that not only elevated the design, but also ensured that the entire integration was met head-on with an eye on the future and adaptability, saving valuable by time avoiding redesigning and adapting plans down the road.


One of the most impressive spaces at Kinder’s is the demo room. The room includes a full-size kitchen, and serves as an area for the organization to conduct taste tests for their award-winning BBQ sauces, marinades, rubs and spices. LightWerks installed 6 Crestron pendant speakers to complement the pendant lighting that was integrated into the ceiling. Virtually invisible due to their sleek design, Shure MXA710 microphones were installed above the island to match the room’s modern rectangular lighting fixture. Stunning visuals are supported by an 85-inch Sony display mounted to a tile wall. Below the display, LightWerks installed an AVer CAM520 Pro conferencing camera. The system is easily controlled by a 10-inch Crestron tabletop touch panel.

Kinder’s break room is known as “The Pantry.”  This modern, open space is used as a lunch/break room or an all-hands space.   LightWerks mounted three 75-inch Sony displays from the ceiling and angled them to align with the stunningly designed lighting fixture above the island.   Crestron DMPS allows for content to be shared either wired or wirelessly.  The room includes two locations in which employees at Kinder’s can plug in their devices.   Audio is supported by 6 Crestron pendant speakers.  Sending content to displays and controlling audio is simplified by a wall mounted 7-inch Crestron touch panel.


Kinder’s board room was outfitted with a 98-inch Samsung display. An AVer CAM520 Pro was mounted below the display.  Audio is supported by 8 Crestron pendant speakers and 3 Shure MXA310 tabletop microphones.  A 10 inch Crestron control panel allows users to easily operate the system.

Small conference rooms at Kinder’s utilize Crestron Flex’s advanced tabletop conferencing systems. The UC-MX70-T includes an AVer conferencing camera and a Crestron Mercury tabletop speakerphone with an integrated touch panel. Visuals are supported by 65-inch Sony displays.

LightWerks integrated 55-inch Sony displays, along with Mersive Solstice and Crestron Mercury solutions for wireless sharing into individual offices at Kinder’s.

The lobby at Kinder’s includes a 55” Sony display for digital signage, as well as 2 Crestron pendant speakers.  A distributed audio system featuring Sonos allows end-users to easily play their favorite music from internet radio sources such as  Spotify or Pandora.

The project involved a demo room, break room, boardroom, lobby area, several small conference rooms, and individual offices. Let us know if we can help you with any of these solutions!

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