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Lightwerks Designs and Builds a Sound System for Sports Park

Lightwerks partnered with Superior Alarm Systems to integrate a state-of-the-art outdoor audio system for a newly renovated sports park in La Puente, CA.  La Puente Park has two baseball fields, two softball fields, a football field, basketball courts, multiple playgrounds, a “fitness court,” an aerobic and weight training area, a soccer field, a skate park, open grass areas, and a walking trail. The park’s new sound system is used for sports announcements, live events, music, and more.

LaPuente Park

The outdoor sound system designed and built by LightWerks  covers the entire park. It can isolate 10 different sections of the park, and each section has dedicated source selection and audio control.  In addition to the sound system, LightWerks also integrated  an emergency All Page solution (to alarm the entire park in case of emergencies).  Announcements are made from  from a microphone located in the community center building.  The system can be controlled wirelessly by any computer, phone, or tablet on the city’s network.

All audio in the system is run using a Dante network and 70v system for the 20 weather resistant Biamp Community R.35COAX 10″ 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers.  To power the system, Bose Powermatch 8500 and Bose Powershare 404D amplifiers were integrated.  This supplies the system with 8800W of power over 24 channels of Dante audio that is run over two miles of network and fiber cable.  The heart of the system is the Bose EX-1280 DSP that provides all the control and audio processing power that is needed.

For announcements and paging, the park was provided with three Shure ULXD wireless Dante microphones that can be routed to all areas, and a Shure MX418D/C gooseneck push-to-talk microphone is used for the emergency ALL Page. When this mic is activated, all areas are switched to this channel, ensuring everyone in the entire park to be notified.


Due diligence, expert planning, as well as precise audio engineering was carefully crafted to ensure The City of La Puente was equipped with the high caliber equipment and control programing within the allotted budget.  LightWerks is proud to have delivered an impressive, solid audio and control system.

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