LightWerks Designs State-of-the-Art Training Facility

LightWerks partnered with leading semi-conductor manufacturer, Applied Materials, to create a state-of-the-art training facility at their Santa Clara, CA corporate campus. The goal of this refresh was to incorporate BYOD video conferencing to all of their AGU meeting rooms. This unique, flexible, video conferencing space involves 4 rooms that operate either independently, or combine to form one large, unified space.

training facility

Each of the combinable rooms includes dual QSC Q-SYS IP cameras. Positioned in the front and back of each room, the cameras ensure that both the presenter and audience are captured for recording, streaming, and collaboration via Microsoft Teams. The NC-12×80 cameras include 12x optical zoom and an 80° horizontal field of view. They include a 4K image sensor with the ability to output a 1080p stream for better, clearer, and crisper images.

Training Room

The new training rooms include DSP audio from QSC Q-SYS, as well as Shure MX ceiling microphones that ensure perfect, high-quality coverage for all training room participants. Superior graphics are produced via high-definition NEC projectors.

LightWerks integrated wall mounted HDMI and USB inputs into each training space. Utilizing Crestron routing, the connections seamlessly connect the room audio and cameras to the meeting participants’ laptops.

Switching between different modes of use and controlling the components within the system is made simple using wall mounted QSC Q-SYS touch panels. These intuitively designed, high-resolution, touch displays make it easy to operate the complex system.


Training rooms are environments where people meet, learn, share ideas, and collaborate. These spaces are intended to accommodate a wide range of activities, and must be designed and outfitted with flexibility in mind. LightWerks specializes in integrating innovative and flexible technology solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with your organization to create a dynamic training space.

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