LightWerks Integrates Transformative AV Solutions at Kobalt's Hollywood Hub

Celebrating over two decades in operation, Kobalt has solidified its status as a premier destination for songwriters, artists, publishers, and rights holders. LightWerks collaborated with this distinguished independent rights management and music publishing company to elevate their newly established Hollywood headquarters through state-of-the-art AV communication technologies. The comprehensive project encompassed various areas, including boardrooms, conference rooms, executive offices, all-hands spaces, reception and lobby areas, hallways, and more.

Av lobby Kobalt

The Boardroom at Kobalt stands out as a versatile presentation space with integrated video conferencing capabilities. Featuring an 85” Sony flat panel display with a pull-out mount, Logitech Zoom Room conferencing components, and a Logitech TAP control panel on the tabletop, this hybrid space facilitates seamless presentations and virtual meetings. A ceiling-mounted microphone digital array and DSP ceiling-mounted speakers were incorporated for optimal conferencing and presentation audio. Additionally, a Logitech TAP scheduler was installed for efficient room scheduling.  The Boardroom technology  also includes a Bluetooth enabled Bose stereo monitor with subwoofer so that clients and guests can hear their content with higher fidelity sound.

Conference rooms are equipped with 65” Sharp NEC displays, pull-out mount Logitech Rally Mini Pro Web Conferencing Bar, and Logitech TAP control panels for streamlined control. Private offices received a technological upgrade with 65” Sharp NEC Displays, Logitech Rally Mini Pro Web Conferencing Bar, and Logitech TAP control panels. Much like the Boardroom, the Conference Rooms are equipped with Bluetooth-enabled Bose stereo monitors featuring subwoofers. This setup allows clients and guests to enjoy their content with enhanced fidelity sound.


The reception area boasts a modern touch with three portrait-oriented LG 86” displays lining the hallways. Pull-out mounts and three digital signage players enhance the flexibility of these displays.

For the All Hands and Lobby areas, QSC cameras, audio processing, speakers, USB transmission, and control systems were seamlessly integrated. Two PTZ cameras, controlled by the central system, capture dynamic events in these spaces. Pendant-style overhead speakers, distributed in multiple independent zones, ensure optimal volume levels for various events throughout the day. Shure ceiling array microphones and wireless microphones capture crisp audio. Ceiling-mounted ultra-bright Panasonic HD laser projectors and a 133” wall-mounted electric roll-down projection screen by Da-Lite enhance visual presentations. Visionary Solutions provided cutting-edge AV over IP transmitters and receivers to ensure a robust and future-ready AV infrastructure.

In designing and installing the AV solutions for Kobalt’s Hollywood headquarters, LightWerks has not just modernized their spaces, but crafted an immersive environment that seamlessly blends innovation and functionality. LightWerks’ collaboration with Kobalt underscores its commitment to delivering cutting-edge AV solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

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