LightWerks partnered with Reser's to revitalize their collaboration spaces

As one of the nation’s largest family-owned and operated prepared foods businesses, Reser’s Fine Foods stands out with its diverse brand portfolio and a workforce of over 4,000 individuals. Spanning more than 14 major facilities across eight communities in the United States and Mexico, the company recognized the need to enhance communication and efficiency across its geographically dispersed locations. In response, LightWerks partnered with Reser’s to revitalize their collaboration spaces, incorporating cutting-edge technology for seamless connectivity. 


LightWerks updated multiple meeting spaces at Reser’s Portland campus, including a spacious multi-purpose room used for conference calls, presentations, and events. This room now boasts four 100” Sony displays, front and back QSC Cameras, DSP, and a control processor. The technology also includes a user-friendly Logitech TAP  Microsoft Teams Room system Audio in the training room is supported by Sennheiser ceiling microphones and Shure wireless microphones.

The training room at Reser’s features two 100″ Sony displays and a powerful QSC Teams Rooms System. This solution also includes a Logitech tap control interface, Teams PC, QSC network switch, Sennheiser ceiling mics, Shure wireless mics, and Visionary Solutions encoders/decoders for seamless audiovisual routing. 


Thanks to the technology integrated by LightWerks, Reser’s is able to connect their geographically distant facilities with state-of-the-art conferencing technology.  The solutions have added tremendous value to Reser’s productivity and communication, playing a pivotal role in the organization’s ability to execute and produce quality food across the nation. Furthermore, the efficiency and cost-saving advantages of remote communication, as opposed to the necessity of travel for meetings, have proven to be instrumental. By minimizing the need for travel, Reser’s has not only streamlined its operations but has also realized substantial cost savings, thereby further bolstering the company’s overall financial success.

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