LightWerks Transforms Collaboration Spaces at CSUDH

Beyond its physical structure, the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker University Student Union (LSU) stands as the pulsating center of California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). Serving as a hub for students, faculty, staff, and guests, LSU offers a diverse array of amenities, ranging from entertainment and dining options to meeting rooms, event hosting, social and quiet spaces, and recreational areas like the Games room.

In a recent collaboration, LightWerks joined forces with CSUDH to reimagine the meeting rooms at Loker Student Union, converting them into dynamic collaboration spaces. This modernization initiative introduces cutting-edge video conferencing solutions that enable students to connect with individuals and groups locally and globally.

Loker Union classroom

Facilitated by an intuitive Crestron control system, the installation features EPSON PowerLite L630U Projectors. These projectors, known for their brightness and clarity, deliver vibrant Full HD WUXGA 4K images, enhancing the quality of meetings, lectures, and other presentations. Comprehensive audio coverage is ensured through Crestron Saros speakers and Shure MXA910 Microphones, guaranteeing crystal clear sound distribution throughout the room.

AVer PTZ cameras play a pivotal role in capturing, streaming, and recording participants and lectures. Infused with AI-driven tracking capabilities, these cameras elevate the visual presentation of dynamic content. The incorporation of Barco Clickshare adds a seamless wireless connection layer, allowing users to effortlessly connect to the central screen, camera, and speakers. With one-click initiation, remote participants feel as present and engaged as those physically present in the space.

LightWerks’ collaboration with CSUDH brings state-of-the-art technology to the forefront, enhancing the functionality and connectivity of collaboration spaces at Loker Student Union.

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