Treasure Valley Baptist Church updates Technology

LightWerks partnered with Treasure Valley Baptist church in Meridian, Idaho to upgrade the technology in their worship center.  The project included the integration of projection, microphones, speakers, cameras, and internet streaming capabilities, allowing the church to stream services to their members around the world via YouTube Live.

Control Station
amp rack

To create a stunning, 4K visual experience, LightWerks integrated an Eiki EK-1100U projector and a 16 by 10-foot screen.  Audio is supported by 6 Bose AMM 112 multipurpose loudspeakers. Three were installed at the front of the stage to cover front seats, along with an additional 3 in a delay ring above the congregation to cover the rear seating section. Additionally, LightWerks integrated 6 Bose PM8500 N Power Match Network amplifiers with built in DSP.  All equipment is housed on a MiddleAtlantic Rack.

Six Shure QLXD wireless receivers with handheld body packs, and 6 DPA 4266 headset microphones with microphone chargers were integrated for voice amplification.  To eliminate RF interference, LightWerks installed 2 Shure UA874 active directional paddle antennas on the back wall.  Shure UA844+SWB antenna distribution systems receive the antenna signals and send them to each of the receivers.


Three cameras provide multiple viewing angles for the congregation, as well as streaming participants.  To provide members with a detailed view of services, LightWerks integrated image magnification technology (IMAG).   IMAG refers to large-scale theatrical or concert video projection that enables audience members seated at great distance from the stage to see details of the performer’s body language and facial expressions that could not be seen with the unaided eye.

An Extron ISS 608 True Seamless 4k/60 HDMI switcher allows for seamless switching between sources with no delay, and includes a preview output to set up the image prior to sending it to the projector. Matrix switching is supported by an Extron DXP 1616 HD 4K Plus matrix switcher.  An Extron TLP 725T touch panel was integrated for source routing.

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