UCLA Maximizes Learning in the Hybrid Environment with Mediasite

LightWerks has a longstanding relationship with UCLA, and has partnered with the university on countless AV projects.  Recently, LightWerks integrated Mediasite streaming and recording capabilities into the classrooms and lecture halls at the university’s Anderson School of Business.  The solution, which includes live online learning, video lessons, and interactivity, brings their classrooms into the digital world and ensures that all students have access to a front row seat to lectures.


Through the integration of Mediasite, students attending the Anderson School of Business are given a quality learning experience that accommodates learners of all abilities, complies with accessibility requirements, and strengthens overall content comprehension.  Mediasite’s convenient lecture capture video system allows the Anderson School to reach a wider audience. The simple-to-use software allows instructors (and students) to record and upload lesson videos and assignments from any device.

It allows the university to go beyond flat video conferencing, giving instructors the tools to augment lecture videos with links to more information, measure comprehension with in-video polls and quizzes, add annotations to underscore key concepts, and interact directly with students through Q&As, live chat, and comments.

The use of video in education at UCLA has become engaging and fully interactive. Instructors and students can now actively collaborate via live streaming video regardless of their geographic location. Instructors can flag important scenes, link to external sources, or respond to student questions in real time—all without the need to disrupt class or click away from the video.

Mediasite gives UCLA instructors the feedback they need to design engaging classes and gain confidence in a new online learning environment. The solution allows them to track viewership, usage patterns, group and individual student outcomes, investment ROI, and more. Mediasite empowers instructors and give students the uninterrupted, quality classroom experience they deserve — whether live online, in-person, or hybrid.

Because Mediasite works with Zoom, or any other video conferencing tool, along with UCLA’s existing recording equipment, the streaming solution was very simple to integrate into the university’s existing infrastructure. It integrates perfectly with every major Learning Management System, and it effortlessly scales campus wide — which means less new technology to buy, learn, and maintain.


Mediasite helped UCLA transform their streamed lessons into  interactive learning tools that improve student retention, facilitate powerful faculty-student interaction, and empower students to collaborate in ways that take learning in exciting new directions.

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