Best-Level Digital Signage Package for Lobbies – No Installation


Best-Level Digital Signage Package – No Installation

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Best-Level Digital Signage Package for Lobbies – No Installation

First impressions really count, so many businesses and institutions make a special effort to have a welcoming, and often impressive, reception area. These spaces usually include at least one large flat panel and a digital signage player to welcome guests and share company promotional information. Many will also include speakers to provide audio to go along with their video content, and some will also include interactive capabilities to allow visitors to interact with the information shown on the flat panel display(s). As this room is typically in use all day and most displays can be programmed internally to turn on and off at specific times each day, reception areas do not usually require any sort of dedicated control system.

This LightWerks package provides a complete digital signage solution, and includes:

  • Two 75” Flat Panel Displays
  • Built-in or out-board speakers (Extron)
  • Content Player and Authoring Software (Brightsign)
  • Mounting hardware (Chief)
  • Appropriate cables
  • Miscellaneous installation materials

Note – Installation is NOT Included


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