4K Brand-Name TVs


Large Displays


Your system won’t really work without a really nice display, now will it?

Choose the desired size of your display and we’ll include a name-brand (either LG, NEC, Samsung, Sharp, or similar) 4K display that is compatible with your system.  Choices include:

  • 43″ Diagonal
  • 55″ Diagonal
  • 65″ Diagonal
  • 70″ Diagonal
  • 75″ Diagonal
  • 80″ to 82″ Diagonal
  • 85″ to 86″ Diagonal
  • 90″ Diagonal
  • 98″ Diagonal

While it’s true that bigger is often better when it comes to a TV, make sure to choose a size that is not TOO big for your room.  For ideas of what size displays work best in different-sized rooms, please review the information you can find HERE.  If your room is big enough, you might even want TWO.

Mounts and other hardware will be upgraded to fit the size of your TV, if necessary.

If you’d like to opt for a projector instead of a flat panel display for your room, feel free to call us at (888) 454-4489 and we’ll be happy to recommend a projector and mounting hardware that will be perfect for your application.


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