Poly Studio X52 with TC10


Medium Rooms


Experience a new level of video conferencing excellence with the Poly Studio X52 all-in-one video bar. Specifically designed to enhance hybrid meetings, this remarkable device simplifies and elevates your meeting experiences. Achieve meeting equality for all participants, regardless of their location, through innovative audio and video capabilities. Capture every detail with the 20MP 4K UltraHD camera, providing a wide 95-degree field of view for a closer look at the action. The Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology ensures an equitable experience in your hybrid meetings. Setup is a breeze, as mid-sized rooms can be ready within minutes thanks to the all-in-one design that includes a camera, microphones, speakers, and built-in cloud video apps. Immerse your in-room participants with legendary sound quality and eliminate distractions using advanced noise-canceling technologies. Upgrade your video conferencing setup today and revolutionize your meetings with the Poly Studio X52 video bar.

Add a bundle of our Remote/Virtual services, the perfect Zoom license bundle (corporate or education), and large screen display(s), and you will be off to the races.


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