Remote Installation With an AV Technician Via Teams or Zoom

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Remote Installation With an AV Technician Via Teams or Zoom

Remote Installation With an AV Technician via Teams or Zoom is the new, faster, fool-proof way of installing video-conferencing systems in your facilities.  You may have people with the technical skills to actually install hardware, but unless they’re experienced, they will likely lack the expertise to do it right the first time.  Our experienced Technicians have installed thousands of systems and have pretty much seen it all, so we can save you from making all the “rookie mistakes”, and you can save time, money, headaches, AND embarrassment!

Before your team starts, our Virtual Installation Support includes:

  • An hour-long Kick-off Session with your Installation Technician(s),
  • A review of equipment, tools, and parts to INSURE you have everything you need to get the job done,
  • Assistance with reviewing and reading system and/or architectural drawings, and
  • Recommendations on best-practices to use during the installation.

Before your team finishes the installation, our Support includes:

  • An hour-long Closeout Session with final system set up, including recommended initial settings on software and hardware,
  • Conducting test calls and acting as the “far-end” to confirm quality audio and/or video calls outside of the room,
  • Trouble-shooting problems or issues, if any,
  • Closeout Q&A with expert Technician
  • Additional hour(s) of support, if desired, to be charged on a $195 hourly basis (15-minute grace period on initial two hours)

When you purchase Remote Installation With an AV Technician, you will be contacted within one business-day after submission of an order to schedule Installation Support at your convenience.

Customer to use a mobile device capable of running Teams (or Zoom) with the ability to capture video.

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