Crestron Debuts New 1 Beyond Optical Zoom Cameras


Crestron Electronics has unveiled its latest line of PTZ cameras, the 1 Beyond series, featuring four models, each equipped with optical zoom capabilities. Among these are the i12 and i20, incorporating built-in Visual AI framing and tracking functionalities, and the p12 and p20, standard PTZ cameras designed to complement the features of the Crestron Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution.

All four cameras are certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms software and have been internally developed to seamlessly integrate with Crestron Flex solutions. The intelligent PTZ cameras in the 1 Beyond series, namely the i12 and i20 models, utilize Visual AI to enhance framing and tracking in medium to large rooms. Equipped with an onboard processing unit and a built-in reference camera, the i12 and i20 intelligently frame and track groups, presenters, or designated zones. Crestron Visual AI can detect and track speakers, even when they are turned away or wearing a mask, ensuring smooth and natural camera movements.

The i12 model, designed for medium to large spaces, offers 12x optical zoom and is versatile for group framing or basic presenter tracking up to 25 feet. Through Visual AI, two i12 cameras can be paired to automatically switch when someone enters or exits a designated zone. On the other hand, the i20 model is tailored for large and extra-large spaces, providing 20x optical zoom and enhanced presenter tracking capabilities up to 50 feet, complete with group tracking and preset zones.

One remarkable feature of the 1 Beyond cameras is their ability to bring participants closer without sacrificing clarity. With optical zoom capabilities, these cameras allow you to zoom in on participants, even those as far as 60 feet away, without losing resolution. This ensures that every participant is seen clearly, making even the largest spaces feel intimate and interaction immediate, whether the meeting is conducted in-person or remotely. Leveraging the Crestron Automate VX multi-camera speaker tracking solution, up to 12 cameras can be utilized in a single space, enabling automatic switching, framing, and tracking based on the active speaker, ensuring comprehensive coverage from every angle.


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