Direct view LED video walls

Direct view LED video wall technology is becoming a leader in the large-scale digital signage market due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and superb optimal characteristics that make video wall content look excellent from ANY angle.

Direct View LED panels do not have bezels. Instead, they are tiled together to form a completely seamless video wall that invites the creation of practically limitless design for nearly any environment. These extremely bright, reliable, and energy-efficient displays have the highest color accuracy and refresh rates of any display type available today.


Direct view LED video walls offer eye catching image quality for showcasing content in a large variety of digital signage applications that demand high-impact visuals, including high resolution indoor video walls and displays for the largest outdoor venues. Lobbies, conferencing spaces, sporting and entertainment arenas, retail spaces, and command and control centers are just few examples of spaces in which direct view LED video wall technology is integrated.

Planar and Nanolumens are the leading manufacturers of direct view LED video wall technology in the US. LightWerks had the pleasure to work with Nanolumens to install a LED video wall at Kilroy Realty, a large real estate corporation in L.A. To read more about this project click here. LightWerks can design and integrate a direct view LED video wall solution for your organization.

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