Meet Zoom AI Companion


Launched last month, Zoom AI Companion currently allows users to quickly watch meeting recordings via highlights and smart chapters, review summaries and next steps, and provide automated meeting summaries that can be shared once a call has ended. Users can also catch up with missed content during ongoing calls by submitting questions via the in-meeting AI Companion side panel without disrupting the meeting flow.

In Zoom Team Chat, AI Companion can draft messages based on the context of a Team Chat thread, change tone and length, offer suggestions to help complete sentences and responses, and provide AI generated draft email suggestions in Zoom Mail.

To further build on the capabilities offered by AI Companion, Zoom debuted a new Whiteboard capability that allows users to generate ideas on a digital whiteboard and organize their thoughts into categories, helping teams get to work faster. Soon, Zoom customers will be able to use AI to generate images and populate templates from whiteboard content. Meeting and Team Chat summarization offerings, powered by Zoom AI Companion, will also soon be available to customers on specific Zoom Higher Education or Healthcare subscription plans.

Zoom said it will continue to expand AI Companion capabilities, with the  ability to surface knowledge from meetings, chats, whiteboards, emails, documents — and, with users’ permission, from third-party applications — to provide the latest updates.

Users will also be able to ask AI Companion real-time questions during a meeting to catch up on key points in the discussion, create and file a support ticket on an issue raised during a call and receive real-time feedback on presentation skills and coaching on conversational skills in Zoom Meetings.

Additional summarization capabilities will include the ability to identify action items and key stakeholders, and surface next steps in Team Chat; add meeting summaries to Zoom Notes; break down and summarize complex Team Chat conversations and recommend smart replies; and summarize SMS threads and calls with Zoom Phone.

Finally, Zoom AI Companion also will help users compose chats in Zoom Events, providing suggestions and facilitating discussions in the virtual lobby.

“We have included AI Companion across our entire Zoom platform at no additional cost for customers with a paid services assigned to their eligible Zoom user account,” Maestre said. “This, by the way, is unlike other similar AI offerings that currently cost $30 or more, per user per month. By including AI companion at no additional cost, we feel that this will really drive adoption and usage.”

The announcements made by Zoom are part of the company’s direction as an intelligent communications and collaboration platform, Kurtzman said.

“Collaboration products are often additive, where enterprises use multiple applications to meet the needs of their business,” he said, adding that this leaves the door open for vendors like Zoom and to add value for all their customers, regardless of size.

*This post is originated from Zoom Blog