Museum Uses NEC Projector to Show Classical Artwork as Multicolored Masterpieces


Using a NEC projector allowed a San Francisco art museum to present the unexpectedly colorful past of ancient sculptures and artifacts.

The challenge:

Present a piece of classical artwork as it looked with its original vibrant coloring – without using paint or physical mediums

The goal: 

To help visitors better connect with the works of the ancient Mediterranean by presenting this art as its contemporaries would have seen it – vibrantly colored and eye-catching – through a combination of technology and painstaking research.

The Solution:

A NEC PA803U projector is be used to project colors onto a frieze next to an identical reproduction of the original frieze. Lighting treatment projected by the NEC projector onto the replica would fade in and out within a 12-second span, allowing visitors to see the same frieze in its original colors as well as its current monochrome state.


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